I’ve finally bitten the bullet and have a website of my namesake. It has been a ten year process in which I have gone through countless hot and cold flushes (mostly cold) on the idea. However, having recently joined the self-publishing game, the pros eventually won me over and here it is.

It’s not my aim to come across as some superior being by having my own website; it’s more about keeping control of my own writing and having some central focal point for it. With Me and My Hero (published last year) lacking a central marketing platform, and the imminent re-release of Long Ride for a Pie in an updated edition, the timing seemed right.

I’m very excited about having Long Ride for a Pie in print again as it has seen many years available only as an e-book. Despite lengthy discussions with my original publisher I gave up in the end and have decided to go it alone. Having complete control of it again is like a breath of fresh air. If you want to get your hands on a copy, watch this space or sign up to the Google Group (click on the G+ icon) and details will be available soon.

I’ve uploaded a limited selection of articles to the website to start with. All have been previously published in a variety of magazines, catalogues and various blogs. I hope to add a lot more old and new entries later this year. I hope they find renewed interest and provide ideas and motivation for life and adventure in general. But first things first, the 2nd Edition of Long Ride for a Pie awaits, I need to get writing!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to see you back regularly,