Tim Mulliner is a cyclist, adventurer and writer.

Well, at least that’s what I tell myself. In reality I work a normal 9-5 job to pay the bills and keep me honest, but that doesn’t sound nearly as exiciting. It definitely doesn’t stop me from enjoying myself when I’m not there though, and there has been plenty of that; the ‘not at work and enjoying myself’ part.

I was a cyclist first, taking to the bike like a duck to the water as soon as I had one. Little did I know that the bike would open up the world to me later in my life. I’ve raced one on and off the road, on the track, up and down mountains, in the peloton and against the clock; I’ve ridden over 500 kilometres in a day and I have even ridden one for twenty four hours without stopping (I wouldn’t recommend it though); however it is cycle touring that has ended up been the definitive cycling experience for me. The simplicity of life on the road combined with the sense of pure uninhabited freedom, the extreme physical punishment and achievement, the feeling of vulnerability in a modern world where living has been made pretty easy; and of course the spectacular places I have been to and fantastic people I have met while on the road; these have all fuelled my passion for adventure for many decades now.

The adventures are less extreme now I guess. I have a family of my own and a ‘real’ job to support our lifestyle, but that definitely hasn’t stopped me getting out there, seeing new places and challenging myself still; why should it? I’d like to say I now have more time for writing, another of my passions, but I don’t. It took my six years a piece to write my first two books. I have an outline of a third, but I’ve barely started to write it, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. In addition I have written the odd article for various blogs and magazines over the years, however the truth is that my writing has really concentrated on the bigger picture – the books, and with adventures and cycling trips constantly on the go, there hasn’t been a lot of time for anything else.

I developed this web-site with the aim of using it as a central focal point of my writing, with any luck it will maybe motivate me to do more of it. In the blog section I’ve uploaded a short selection of my writing over the years and will no doubt add more to this as time permits. I hope the words and pictures here and in my books provide motivation and ideas to people who see them. I always welcome feedback and comments.

Enjoy and happy exploring,

Tim Mulliner, March 2015



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