Long Ride for a Pie book cover - for web

Long Ride for a Pie was first published in print by New Holland Publishers in 2006, released as a Kindle ebook in 2012 and re-released as a second edition in print format in 2015. It tells the story of my 14 month, 22 country, 24115 km bicycle journey from London to New Zealand. Second Edition now available on Kindle as of April 2016

Me & My Hero_front cover Compressed

Me and My Hero was first published in print and ebook in 2014. It tells the story of a low tech bicycle journey from Kathmandu to the southern tip of India passing through some of the richest and poorest regions in India.

Me and My Hero tells the story of my impressions of rural and urban India as he struggles to come to terms with the rigid caste system that still dictates life for many. It details the rigour and joy of travelling by bicycle in what is arguably one of the most colourful and fascinating countries in the world.

My books are available in print, kindle and epub formats and can be purchased on Barnes&Noble, NationwideBooks NZ, SmashWords ,and Amazon sites (refer to links below) among others.

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