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An Expedition to the Midnight Sun

About a fortnight ago, just like last year, someone flicked a switch and summer started. The trees budded and flowered; the following week they were green with leaves. The frosts stopped and suddenly it wouldn’t fall below twenty degrees centigrade during the night. The seemingly…

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On the Road to Bergen

When Tina announced she and Ana were going to visit friends in Germany at the end of September, my initial thoughts were to take the opportunity and head off on a bike trip. But where to go? I looked north initially. I would love to…

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The Crescendo Sophia Hill Climb

I first came to Europe when I was 18, and came to race bikes. It was where cycling was born and where it evolved into the spectacle (albeit confusing one) that it is today. It’s where the best cyclists rode their bikes and where you…

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Race 1 – Living Springs Report and Wrap Up

The first round of the 2012 Canterbury Cyclocross series got off to a nearly perfect start at Living Springs on Sunday. Dreams of snow built barriers were a distant memory in the sun glazed valley as conditions presented themselves as ideal for rider comfort and…

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One bicycle, one gear, one continent, one Hero

The production line of the Hero is the biggest in the world, spitting out six million bicycles a year. You probably won’t find one in your local bike shop, however for those that have travelled to India, they are a ubiquitous sight, providing the short-haul…

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Altitude Training Camp – Brevet Style

The inaugural Kiwi Brevet run earlier in the year provided the inspiration for a Brevet on the Banks Peninsula, my very own backyard. For the uninitiated, a Brevet is a long distance self-supported cycling event that follows a designated route within a challenging time limit….

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